Google Might Add New Trending Search Carousel

Google tends to make a lot of changes to its primary offering, namely its search engine, and a lot of these changes tend to make it so that users can get answers to questions that they might have been thinking about on the search results page itself. As per Saad AK, a new change that might be incoming involves trending searches and the like, and Google is apparently testing this new feature out for a select group of users although the beta testing group is currently not all that large so chances are that the final rollout for the feature is still a long way away.

The way that this would work is that you would see a carousel of trending searches that might relate to the search query that you ended up putting in. Monitoring trends and subsequently showing them to users is a feature that was previously only used by various social media sites and the like, but Google has been incorporating these features into all of its properties perhaps as a way to compensate for the fact that the company has not been able to make a top notch social media platform on its own as of yet.

If this feature is rolled out anytime soon, it would probably be used quite extensively by companies that are looking to market their products. Cracking the algorithm that might end up being used in order to determine what is trending will become a high priority for the vast majority of companies that are currently out there, and this could prove to be useful for smaller enterprises that are trying to make their mark by breaking into the market and compete with larger corporations. This is a very interesting type of feature, and it will further improve Google’s ability to connect users to webpages that might be somewhat relevant to them all in all.

H/T: SERT / Barry Schwartz.

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