Facebook is now allowing non-users of instant articles to access Revenue Lift

Since publishers have shown an insane amount of liking to the revenue management by Facebook, the tech giant has decided to make it available for all. Even users not affiliated with Instant Articles will be able to access these tools to keep tabs on their revenue generation.

Revenue Lift is a management tool introduced by Facebook that works in collaboration with Instant Articles to provide much better results. Now, how does it manage to do so? Instant Articles increase the distribution rate of the articles, making them reach a much greater audience and expanding your reach. This results in your content being constantly introduced to greater levels of exposure.

Revenue Lift makes your work even easier for you by estimating the distribution of your articles hence generating revenue differences accordingly. This gives you an accurate idea of what you’re aiming for instead of the vague differences you’re met with when manually comparing your reach.

The tool also uses a page picker, like the name suggests, to 'pick' your content which assists in hoisting the performance of your site. Furthermore, this application gives you room for improvement and betterment.

The user simply has to input RPM to compare the web and the data available on their Instant Articles base. The said base also enables users to experience a multitude of benefits including low to one bounce rates, getting more traffic through a higher click-through rate and allows you to spend more time on your page rather than comparing engagement and progress through mobile web articles.

Last Tuesday, Facebook decided to delight us by announcing the newly-declared availability of Revenue management tools for users that do not engage with Instant Articles to boost their platform. The tech giant specified that people who post links however do not use Instant Articles will also be able to access those tools as per the publishers’ demand.

According to a blog post, publishers are often in the dilemma of whether they should be posting links on Facebook and then proffering them to Instant Articles. Since the platform in question does require a tad bit of expertise, the wrong move could potentially harm your blog. This is where Revenue Lift comes to play by assisting users in making more centered decisions through the data gathered.

Enabling the feature for everyone was indeed a wise choice and will make more users engage in exploring Instant Articles as a result. Facebook surely knows all the tactics in the book to increase user engagement and enhance customer experience.

The question here remains whether making this exclusive feature public will turn out to be a greater choice for the revenue of Facebook itself or just a pressured one made to get people's approval?


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