Quenching Your Thirst by Answering If Anyone Even Really Wins All Those Big Instagram Giveaways?

Instagram apart from being a socializing network is now a great income earning platform for a lot of influencers and creators out there and one thing you must have noticed that is common among both these said professions on the platforms is the term known as “Giveaways”.

How many times have you joined an Instagram giveaway of some hot shot brand and prayed for your luck to show its game but unfortunately you have lost? Though majority of such brands announce winners the questions is that are those winners really real and do they receive their prizes.

Well, if you think this is some new tactic by brands and creators we will break it to you that giveaways are not something new that have just entered the planet earth but it all began in 1851 when a businessman (Benjamin T. Babbitt) started giving buyers lithographic prints for free with their buy of baking soda while he travelled on his wagon all around America till today when just in the end of March where Kris Jenner, the ultimate leading force of the Kardashian clan posted about a giveaway which consisted of thousands of dollars’ worth products from a well-known brand Louis Vuitton and a preloaded credit card worth 20K dollars. The entry for the giveaway was not hard at all and all users had to do was follow the accounts Kris mentioned.

Apart from Kris, all members of their family have hosted such giveaways before and while entering a giveaway is not that big of a deal the question stands does anyone ever win such things or have you know someone who won such grand prizes?

It is not just the big names now but smaller influencers on the platform have also started this trend of giving away prizes through a method which notoriously known as “Loop”. An example of one such event was recently where a movie star named Stassi Schroeder just last month posted about a giveaway in which she was gifting a MacBook Air, a gift card worth 1500 dollars, a bag from Gucci and a Canon Camera. But why was this giveaway called the loop. This is because in this giveaway the star asked the participants to follow all the brands that the marketing firm called “@socialstance” was following. This is a method that small influencers use where they pay such firms money to put their names on a must follow list and the firm pays a celebrity to announce the giveaway. Previous to this the firm had worked with other actors like Lucy Hale etc. as well, but has anyone ever won a giveaway through this “loop” giveaway is not known yet because Stassi Schroeder had removed the giveaway before it was announced.

When social stance was sent an invitation for interview in order to explain the matters of the giveaways they host, they did not respond back.

Similar to this, Kardashians also host a giveaway with Curated Businesses which is a firm from Aussie, though unlike the above mentioned Marketing firm their giveaways are more open and forthcoming where they also post the Instagram’s handles and a few pictures and screenshots of DMs of the winners on their spate handle called @cbwinners, when the team at Vox tried to get in touch with these winners they were left un-responded while Curated Businesses also did not reply back to the invitation of an interview. Apart from this, several other collaborated loop giveaways are often seen on the ‘gram.

But we needed answers as to do people win such giveaways? And on searching a lot we found our answer in the form of Lauren McDowell who is from Houston, Texas and had one some high end products from a perfumery in New York called Joya Studio. Though these were just soaps and candles and not some branded products at least we were happy that we found someone who actually won.
But the next question that came to our mind was and we were curious to know was how she won? was it the fate by her side or she had a trick up her sleeve. Turns out it was both. Though luck was on her side that day, Lauren is in the marketing industry so she is aware of the ways and tactics brands use to market themselves. Well, it was both a mere luck and the fact that she participated in giveaways by smaller less known brands because according to the marketing professional in her it increases your chances at winning.

She said unlike her, her sister participates in all big giveaways and has never one while she moves past any giveaway with more than ten thousand comments.

Though the thirst of finding at least one giveaway winner was quenched, the thought that if anyone won the Kris Jenner giveaway still lingered in our minds an upon research and the statement from Ben Sargent, who is an accountant and works with some influencers we got to know the answer.

Turns out such huge giveaways are tax exclusive so if anyone wins anything they have to pay the tax for it themselves. For example, if they win a 60000 dollars’ car they will have to pay the 20000 dollars’ tax themselves, so what many people do is that whether they sell the car to pay the tax or they just take the lower tax exclusive price in place of the car.

Through this we found that the giveaway announced by Kris was won by a girl called @luvnlyte however she also did not respond for the request of a comment.

Really want to know how she feels being super rich though.


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