Leak reveals Instagram is working on a most anticipated feature that will allow users to create posts through desktop, web browsers

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world with more than a billion active users monthly, the app is famous for photos and Reels especially which creates interest in many people. Recently, Alessandro Paluzzi has tweeted that Instagram is working on a feature that will allow the users to create their posts through a desktop’s browser just like they do on Facebook. It was the most requested feature of all time as many people are excited for the launch of this feature that will provide them a good experience of creating and uploading posts on a wider screen of desktop.

Instagram is currently developing this feature internally and has not made any announcement regarding this feature yet, hopefully, soon after the completion of development Instagram will announce this. So, do not expect to use this feature any time soon. Some images have also been leaked which shows how the desktop version of creating a post on Instagram will look like. Most people use this platform for their entertainment especially during the quarantine situation when people get bored staying home, so people spent more time on social media platforms.

Those people who use Instagram for their entertainment probably are not worried by the restrictions of different platforms, however, there are exceptions for using this platform for work. Now, user can just create post either through an app or via a complicated workaround by loading the mobile site in a browser that let you compel it to look like Chrome browser. If the feature of the desktop comes out, it will resolve the problem forever. Alessandro Paluzzi is an  app developer, and he mostly leaks information on different types of features. He also managed to capture different images showing the desktop look of post creation UI which have made people much excited about this.

Details of this feature could be changed a bit when this will come out officially, however, right now, this is just a leak (based on reveres engineering), but the people can make a guess through these leaked pics that what the post-creation plan would be. The same looking new button on the bar at the top of the desktop version, looks like a new-found post-trigger. Setting off a post creation dialogue will boost for drag and dip to add photos or videos and an editor will provide help for different options like cropping and filters. It is almost the same as the workflow of the app. The users can also tag these photos to their friends and fans, they can also add captions to their images just like they do on the mobile app.

Through the advanced settings dialogs, the users will find the same options as disabling the comments of people they do not want and configure branded settings. Those users who Instagram mostly for their work (content creator, influencers and social media managers) have requested this feature to be launched on desktops and therefore, there are many chances that this feature will never be ignored anymore from IG.
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