Instagram Is Expanding the Features of Its Desktop Version

Instagram is a popular social network which has a huge number of users that use the application on a daily basis. However, one thing Instagram lacked when compared to other platforms is that while Facebook, TikTok and Twitter provides similar usage on both Desktop and Mobile Phone Applications, Instagram did not.

The tech giant provided full access to all its features on the mobile version however, the desktop version lacks a lot of main features, even as common as uploading a picture on your feed. Though, it now looks like that the tech giant has plans to give its desktop version the same importance.

A few weeks back, the social media giant rolled out a feature that allowed its users to change their profile status directly from the desktop version of Instagram which means that users could change that whether their account was of a public figure, blogger or business account or whatever type directly from their PC which was not possible before and now the tech giant has announced another option which was present on the mobile version but has been updated to the PC version as well and this feature is going to make things a lot easier for creators and influencers on the platform.

Now, the platform has launched a new feature which will grant access to users to directly upload IGTV videos from their computers to the Instagram on their desktop. This means that users will now be able to upload IGTV content from videos that already exists within their laptops and desktops.

In case you are wondering why this feature is not available to you on your desktop that is probably because the feature is in the roll out process. However, the feature can be access simply by visiting this link on PC devices:

However, nothing about the feature or its launch has been said by the tech giant itself and we will have to wait for further information when they decide to comment on it themselves.

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