Facebook Has Updated The Instagram Messenger API To Provide Businesses With Ways Of Contacting Their Fanbases

Facebook is further expanding upon Instagram's Messenger API, allowing brands and businesses to feed Instagram Direct messages into their preferred CRM application.

This development, announced at the F8 Developer conference, has been in the making for quite a while now. Beta testing for customer relations tools that could be developed from the Messenger API began as early as October, 2020. After persistent testing, discarding features along the way, it seems that Facebook has settled on setting up communication between Instagram and other applications that act as a brand's front.

Since the beta testing process itself involved many brands, big and small, startups or otherwise, the API's integration's already being observed. Hootsuite, a social media management platform, was one of the first to integrate Instagram DMs. From there on, since the API is public access, other businesses can also jump on the bandwagon and make customer service easier and more efficient.

Speaking of which, how does this new API feature make customer service more efficient? The ability to send Instagram DMs across multiple platforms allows users to more easily contact and respond to customers. Especially for big businesses, which have multiple online customer service representatives, the integration with Instagram's API will streamline the entire communication process. That streamlining, combined with quicker and more efficient answers, will lead to a bigger customer turnover.

This approach will also allow businesses to actively promote the multiple online CRM outlets to their consumer bases. With e-commerce becoming a steadily constant part of one's purchases, people need to rely on a brand providing easily accessible and numerous methods of contacting them. In lieu of that, setting up the Instagram API so DMs can be shared across multiple platforms frees up social media managers to establish those very platforms for contacting. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

All of this ultimately fits with Instagram's attempts at driving e-commerce on the platform. This API's development follows the announcement of branded merchandise by creators being sold via official Instagram outlets. The social network's also been very focused on opening up more venues for online consumerism. Facebook recently announced that it would set up an auction system on the platform.

The Instagram Messenger API is available to all developers on the platform. In other news, Facebook's also planning for more business-related tools on its platform, helping out startups small and large.

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