India has received the creator accelerator program started by Clubhouse

Clubhouse made its first appearance last year in March. Initially it was an iOS only application but recently this year, the android version has also been released. It is one of those few applications who gained popularity globally in a short spam and after an year, it is estimated to be of billion dollars.

To gain more support and attract more creators through which the platform can extend itself, Clubhouse announced a funding program earlier this year. Through this program, they aimed to fund content creators to attract viewers and wouldn’t even charge or cut their share from the money generated by those creators. This was a great opportunity for emerging artists to showcase their talent and utilize it for themselves.

After releasing the android version, Clubhouse has earned a great number of users from India as well. In response to such overwhelming outcome, the head of international Clubhouse, Aarthi Ramamurthy announced in the blog that was posted. It said that the app developers admired how Indian creators took part in the audio only chat application.

The application has announced that even if they are funding the creators, they won’t be taking anything from them. Creators will still hold complete ownership of their content while the app will keep providing them ways through which they can work more creatively and by even linking them with suitable brands for promotion.

Since the application is in its early years, it still has a lot of countries on the list that requires funding program. Currently, at an average, 400000 rooms are used everyday by users with an average 1 hour of time being spent by each user everyday.

Aarthi Ramamurthy appreciated the diversity they got to see in the rooms being used by Indian users. She added that in India, they had many rooms on different topics including music, cricket, religion and gaming contests as well. It is a new beginning in India, and it will take some time for creators to unlock their true potential and explore the other things they can do with the help of Clubhouse.

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