Facebook has developed its own Podcast platform which will be launching next week

Its been an year since Clubhouse was officially launched and became one of the most successful audio only chat room. Since that time most of the famous web developers and social media platforms have been trying to work on their own similar applications.

Facebook is one of the example of those applications who kept working on similar features. In the first quadrant of 2021, there were rumors for a similar audio only chat feature that will be available on Facebook. And now its about time for this to happen as Facebook is working on this feature, as reported by TheVerge, the feature is actually happening and will be available in the upcoming week.

To promote their new feature, Facebook tried to contact a number of content creators and informed them about the new page for podcasts which will be going live from 22nd June. Anyone who wants to join the audio room can listen directly via Facebook or through the new tab designed specifically for Podcasts. However it is not finished yet. Facebook is even allowing users from Apple and Spotify or from any other hosting platform to get linked with Facebook. If their show gets selected, then all upcoming shows will be updated on Facebook.

Unlike Clubhouse, Facebook will also be providing a Clip sharing option for podcast. This Clip will be shareable and will provide a quick overview of the discussion topic on the podcast. Podcasts are one of those trends who are being recognized by almost every other tech giant. Some of them even started the app with no subscription fees but with increasing popularity paid subscription is now being offered, such as Apple’s podcast. Facebook still seems to work with a payment free subscription. However it is still left to decide whether Facebook’s Podcast feature is up to the hype or not. This question will be answered in the upcoming week.

Currently the details that have already been released says that the terms of service of this feature makes sure that Facebook holds the authority to create derivative work through content. The statement has not been cleared completely and might be explained once the feature starts rolling out officially.

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