iPad’s Increased Market Share Bodes Well for Apple’s Tablet Computer Line

When the iPad was first launched, the response ranged from wonderment at the human race entering a new age of technological progress all the way from derision from naysayers who attempted to claim that there was no real use for such a thing. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that if there is one thing that can serve as an accurate indicator of whether or not a product is doing as well as it needs to in a certain market, and in this regard the iPad seems to be doing very well indeed.

Counterpoint is a prominent firm that engages in market research to uncover various trends that are emerging in numerous industries, and according to their research the iPad has seen an increase in its overall market share. The tablet computer had already seen a really big increase in sales in 2020 of about 33%, and the fact that Apple now has a 37% share of the global tablet market seems to indicate that things are just going to keep getting better from here.

One thing that should be noted about the success that the iPad has been seeing recently is that it mostly has to do with the baseline model which is the iPad itself rather than the Air or Pro versions. The baseline model represented around 58% of the total iPad sales in the world, whereas the iPad Pro and iPad Air both represented an 18% and 19% share of total sales respectively. This means that people are usually not looking for anything overly powered but at the same time they don’t want the lightness of a portability focused model which makes the baseline iPad the sweet spot that people tend to go for and this could be contributing to its success.

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