YouTube Covers 4 main topics in their Weekly Question Session about updates and queries that creator may have

YouTube, is one of the most used video search engine and the tech giant is used by millions of people as it provides a safe space for creators to upload their video content and express their creative side while also gives many people a platform to watch videos for entertainment purposes.

The tech giant sometimes brings some changes in their application and settings and holds a weekly Q/A session where employees from the company answer all the main questions asked by the public and update on their new changes. This week, the company cleared people about four main topics that were the most concerning to people.

The first matter that the employee named Abhinav who is a program manager cleared through the Creator Insider video was the new shorts bulk opt out videos. The topic of discussion was how creators on YouTube Studio can opt out their videos for short sampling together in bulks. The program manager Abhinav, explained that by selecting videos on YT studio which they want to opt out and then tapping on edit and then short sampling, they can then select not to allow their videos to be sampled.

Prior to your selection, if any short video has collected audio from your video, it will be muted after your change in settings and will be put up for deletion within 30 days. You can later change your settings back or clear the opt out for some videos.

The next new update that the company is bringing is that it will now be providing some shorts analytics on the main application of YouTube. While this feature was previously only available on YT Studio, the company is now providing small updates in metrics to the users about the content however the full metric update will only be provided on the YT Studio, and a link will be provided on the main YouTube application for users to access their full data analytics and metrics on the YouTube Studio.

One question was asked by a guy who questioned that whether or not YouTube’ matching system will flag contents of unlisted or private videos to which he answered that, yes, it does not depend if your video is private or unlisted the system at YouTube will still find its re-uploads. This means that if any video is flagged or reported and need to be taken down, YouTube will also keep trying on finding its re uploads to remove or limit those as well. One user even questioned that will their videos be removed if someone re uploaded their video and put a copyright claim on the original creator later to which YouTube’s team replied that no only those videos are removed from such claims which are uploaded after the original video, so a lot of search goes in finding the original content and video.

The program manager who was answering the question next took up the platform to answer some questions that were asked by the users related to copyright issues in which a lot of users had questioned why do they have to give their personal content information to YouTube in case of copyright claim resolving issues to which he replied that this is not a rule that has been set by YouTube but is a legal requirement in such cases. He also further provided link which detailed how the tech giant uses the contact information in cases of copyright claims.

YouTube has been managing its platform in a very great way and the weekly Q and A’s session is an effective initiative to update users and creators about what is going on in the application.

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