Twitter is working on a new feature which will give you options to manage your mentions and honestly this was a much needed one

Twitter is among one of the top social media platforms in the digital world and it has a large number of following to it. Keeping this huge number, which is greater than millions in mind, the tech giant come up with new and better improvements and features which will allow its users to have a better online experience as well as make their application a better space for users.

After bringing changes in who can reply to your tweets the tech giant, as per Dominic Camozzi, is now all set to introduce features related to mentions or tags you experience on Twitter.

Prior to this day, any user could tag you on any post despite the fact if you followed them or not or were they a spammer or simply a wrong username tagged you could be mentioned anywhere. However now the social giant is bringing a stop to this as it is now launching features which will help you manage your @mentions.

The first new step in this train has got to be the new un-mention option the tech giant has introduced. A similar option like this was already present on tagged photos which allowed user who wanted to un-tag themselves an option to do so and now this new option has been introduced for mentions as well which will allow users to un-mention themselves from a tweet they have been tagged in. Although un-mentioning yourself will save you from receiving any further tweets from that conversation or tweet your handle/ username will still be viewed on the specific place however tapping on this will not lead other users to your Twitter page ID.

This same feature can be used when you receive a mention from someone that you do not follow. In such circumstances, when you un-mention yourself from the tag of such a user, they will not be able to mention you again unless you update your settings later.

Among the newly introduced features there is a new alert option where Twitter will now send an alert message when it senses your account receiving an unusual number of mentions than normal and then will allow users to review those mentions so that you can block those who are simply wasting your time and energy with their mean comments and also provides users an option with a pause all mentions option, the use of which will not let anyone else mention you for a specific period of time. This will help in situations where big influential celebrities or well-known personalities get stuck in a scandal or people without having any knowledge of a situation start to mention and bash them. What we forget sometimes is that they are their own person with a life just like all of us and though they are open out on a public platform and well known does not give anyone any right to ridicule them. Apart from this, it will also help other users from avoiding certain situation to accelerate.

Another one among Twitter’s introduction is a feature which you might have already seen on Facebook or Instagram where users can limit their privacy of tags and post reach to specific people they want. Now Twitter is doing the same with their Tweet mentions where they now have categorized your mention settings into three categories that are specifically Everyone, Custom and people you follow. Choosing each of the one option will allow a different set of users to mention you. For example, through choosing everyone, anybody can mention you, custom will give you the option to choose a specific set of people while people you follow will only allow those that you follow to mention you in any tweet. This will make life easier for a lot of people who do not like receiving mentions from a lot of people.

These features however are in works currently and may still take a few more weeks before they are launched and displayed on your screens.

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