Google’s YouTube Application Hits The 100 Million Mark Download On Its Android TVs and That is Not Where the Company is Stopping

Google last fall after realizing that its own features were available on different smart Android TVs and doing very well decided to take a big step and work towards launching their own variant of Android TV. Another reason for this, was that Google’s feature were available on hardware TVs which were a little expensive for a normal wage worker so the tech giant took this big step to introduce a similar TV but from its own kind.

The tech giant, hence introduced Google TV, which is a similar thing to other Android TVs, but comes under Google’s name and its production. However, what was a small testing step for the tech giant has now turned out to be a huge achievement for them.

Google recently announced that its video streaming application YouTube has crossed one hundred million downloads on its variant of Android TVs. However, this achievement was an expected one, according to the statistics that were calculated last year. Google had managed to cross 50 million downloads on its Android TVs last year in May and considering the increasing number experts had predicted that the company will soon hit a one hundred-million-mile stone and tada! The day has arrived.

So what the company had started as a small testing step turned out to be in their favor. However, from what we believe, this was a great step by the tech giant because Google TV provides users two platforms, both the TV and Google features under one screen and that too in a relatively cheaper price than all other companies that offer Google features like Sony, Hisense etc. this was a win win for both the public and Google and a lot of sales were expected as well.

However, that is not where Google has stopped, it still has a long way to go with more downloads in the future. Apart from the YouTube downloads Google is working towards some other really cool features. While Google features were priory available on only Google’s Chromecast TV, the tech giant is now taking essential steps to move such launches forward to non-Chromecast as well. Walmart will also now be storing several Android TV gadgets which are even cheaper than Google’s chrome casts to make them easily available for the public and the tech giant has plans to launch several new features on the Android TVs in the coming months.

From the looks of it, the future looks pretty bright for Google's video hosting platform and considering how they are so eager to work towards better launches, there is no doubt as to why they are the best in the market.

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