Facebook has made it convenient for its users to make payment in the Messenger app by using Quick Response codes

Quick Response (QR) is a kind of matrix barcode that was built 27 years ago for the automotive business of Japan, since then it is using in other ways too such as sharing of data and advertising. Now, it has become a much famous tool in making payments to other persons and brands as well, especially during the pandemic situation when people were stuck to their houses only. The reason why the method is using in making contexts is that it can save massive data in it, can be conveniently scanned from the smartphone screen, and is secure because the data in it is fully encrypted. Keeping in view the advantage of this code, Facebook is making it more convenient for its users to use it while making payments in its Messenger app to the person they do not even know.

The company will provide a Quick Response code to a person or some links with the pay feature of the app. The person who wants to make a payment to other person needs to go to the setting option of the Messenger app to get the link or Quick Response code. The platform of Facebook will help the person making payment to even stranger through this code because the data in it will be encrypted so, that make this payment method more secure. For some users, this new feature may not look much exciting, but this method can easily be used by those people who usually purchase or sell different products from the marketplace of the platform, so now, the user can easily start their payment process through Messenger app.

Before the launch of this feature, people making payments had to go to other apps for finalizing their transactions and that was time-consuming. Now the purchaser and seller both can also get many benefits for using the payment method of Facebook. The platform has now introduced this feature only for the users in America, but the company has announced that it will soon launch this feature in other regions as well. The platform has also rolled out some of the latest features as well such as themes for Messenger, just like people use these themes in WhatsApp. The other feature that the platform has launched is the quick reply option that users can use for reacting or replying to the videos and pictures in a message thread.

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