Google updates Google Workspace, marketing the Rooms as Spaces

With the world turning into an online hub, platforms have been increasing features to elevate user experience. Google decided to work on the neglected Workspace for users by introducing two new features. The tech giant decided to make the service more public while adding updates for a personalized experience for paid customers.

Back in April, Google permitted all non-profit customers including enterprises and educational institutes to get in touch with the benefits of the workspace. All regular users can now access Google workspace to use its exclusive features including Google chat and Google meet.

Google aims to enhance the user experience by expanding the availability of all Google products including drive, chat, maps, calendar, etc. This will help users connect better by utilizing the various benefits provided by all Google commodities. You will be able to conduct hour-long sessions, present presentations, and generally work better.

Although the service was made available for users earlier in the year around April, you can still sign up for it today. The process is pretty simple, you just need to enable your Google chat which will then automatically disable hangout, stimulating the service.

Google is introducing ‘Spaces’ previously known as Rooms. We are not sure if the idea was completely original, seeing how Twitter has been working along the lines of ‘Spaces’ for a while too.

Spaces are made to provide a much more targeted experience with much finer features to elevate the usage. This newly introduced change will be made available over the summer and you will be able to access these spaces soon enough.

Along with this free service, Google even started a paid subscription service that will allow users to experience even superior features at a low rate. The subscription service is jam-packed with fruitful top-tier services such as smart calendar appointments, personalized email and newsletters, and premium calls.

The new update is for small companies or individuals that use as their primary domain. The prime purpose is to offer a helping hand with all the measly tasks so superior tasks can be taken into consideration, giving them undivided attention.

The workspace for everyone was launched in April while the new subscription service is said to be introduced soon. Among the 3 billion active users of Gmail, those living in the US, Canada, Brazil, Japan, and Australia will be able to benefit from it. The subscription-only costs $9.99 a month, making it convenient for even single-handed companies. The introductory rate will be $7.99 so don't forget to sign up as soon as possible.

The update for these features was well-received and we look forward to receiving more services from Google focusing on small-scale businesses instead of large companies.

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