Before spamming, think again as Google will use the Email request against the sender

Google is a part of everyone’s life. Almost every site, every application is linked with Google. Every email being sent or received is processed by Google which forwards it accordingly either to the spam section or to important one. Just like this Google keeps an eye for any potential threat to make it a secure experience for everyone.

Recently in a tweet posted by Google's analyst, John Mueller, he highlighted the reality that if anyone is trying to scam/spam others via link schemes, then they should be ready as their email address and all the sites named in the scheme will be used against the scammer. Mueller further added that such steps are taken to keep a check on the manual actions and the differentiation done through the system's algorithm. When asked about those sites who are trustworthy but are not informed with the side selling links. In response to this question, Mueller tweeted that they make sure to check such lists manually while most of it is covered with the help of algorithm.

While showing support to his co-worker, Gary Illyes tweeted a Gif of raising a glass. He thanked sarcastically to the scammers who sent him emails for buying links. Back in 2017 he posted a similar tweet calling out the link seller who tried to scam someone already linked with Google. This has been going on for years where spammers (or you can call them noobs from online outsourcing platforms) were lazy enough to check if the people they are sending their emails to are linked with Google or not. And as mentioned by John Mueller, their emails and names of the site were used against them.

This whole discussion happened on Twitter as the platform was open for general public to ask their queries and John Mueller told them how the system works.

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