Google Tests an Efficient Feature to Update You About Where You Went in the Past Few Months

Among so many of Google’s applications, Maps is among one of the user favorites because of the variety of features it offers. Apart from just telling you your way around, the application helps in finding the fanciest to local restaurants and other places that you want to know about near you.

The tech giant understands that this application of theirs plays an important role in the life of so many users and hence they are always working and updating new and unique features to make their platform a user friendly and helpful space for everyone. In the midst of all this, the tech giant has recently come up with another new feature.

Maps have already established a feature called Timeline which keeps a track on your live locations and where you are or have gone previously. However, news has been floating around that the tech giant is introducing a similar feature, the Insights Tab on the Timeline section on the application only and the purpose of this new feature will be to track your location more efficiently for you.

As reported by AP, the new feature is very handy and it will keep a track on your location throughout certain points in your travel along with updating you with the mode of travel that whether you walked, took a bike or went in a car, the Map feature will keep records of all.

The feature will save all records of places you visited in the month for you to look back on along with the data of which place you visited when and how much time you spent there. Not only this it will breakdown details to the fact that on which place you spent time to do what, even if it means breaking down records of all the shops you visited at the mall along with the time spent there.

At the end of the month, users can also compare their everyday activity through a bar graph that is placed on the right side of each entry and compare their busiest days to the days when they were free and summarize how well they utilized their free time and what did they do.

However, if you are wondering why you can’t access this feature, it is because this feature has not been launched for the general public as of yet and it is under testing conditions. Google has not commented when they will be launching this feature out for the public, or will they ever be even launching it?

H/T: AndroidPolice.

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