People desires to keep their work life and personal life separate on their smartphones

According to Google, people find it stressful to keep track of their professional and personal life simultaneously on the phone. Since the onset of the pandemic, it has become extremely challenging for everyone to keep a balance in their work life as the work from home trend now changes into a very normal routine.

Google conducted a survey, which discovers that majority of the people prefer to divide their professional life from personal routine. Specially, on the phone it is hectic to control personal notifications and work notices. As per smartphone users, the only solution to the problem is to cut out both things separating from each other.

The team of researchers of Google’s usability evaluation collaborated with Qualtrics to conduct a study on 3000 mobile owners across the globe and ask them about their choices regarding segregation, confidentiality, and mental health. People who opt Android’s work profile function as well as those who work on other operating devices like iOS were tested for the study. However, users who preferred to use iOS lacks a functionality that allows them to keep track of their work and daily life on their phone.

Among all the candidates that were tested, around 70 percent responded towards utilizing medium that completely make their working apps and personal apps separate from one another. Preference was given to the operating system that functions by keeping balance between the two. Keeping both professional and personal life distant enable them to focus more on their wellness and find a better equilibrium within their personal and professional lives.

Out of all, 68 percent of the users chose to stay on only one device for both personal and professional functions as it is difficult to carry both tasks on different devices. Whereas, 62 percent people admitted using mobile phone for work purposes almost every time during non office hours.

Almost two-third of people were signed up for using mobile phones for work after finishing working hours. On the other hand, half of the people rely on their smartphone for both work and personal functions.

Besides from this, there are other pros of segregating work and personal life as well. Using phone for both purposes might be responsible for unintended mishaps while work. Keeping both things separate will prevent such mistakes. People find it challenging to manage important notifications from both sides. People also get worried about their work data being visible to other workers as work profile users are well aware of the fact their professional files shared on mobile phone can be viewed by IT team.

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