The latest update of the Telegram app can put itself in a lot of trouble that many iPhone users can stop using this app due to privacy issues

Telegram is one of the most popular cloud-based messaging apps with more than 500 million users across the world and it is also a tough rival of WhatsApp. Users of WhatsApp were not happy due to the changes of privacy policies in the latest controversial update that can impact about 2 billion users, and in this update, Facebook has the access to the complete data of users. Those users who do not want to share their privacy with Facebook can only use a limited number of features. Telegram and took great advantage of the controversial update of WhatsApp in its favor and it also saw a good amount of growth in its users. After Telegram tried to induce people that WhatsApp is deceiving its users about the privacy policies, the fight between the two competitors became more extreme.

However, Facebook tried its best to convince its users that their private chat is encrypted that Facebook has nothing to do with the private chats of users. Whatever, users do, that is not a concern of Facebook. Telegram started a campaign that WhatsApp has no right to give access to users’ data to Facebook or a third party. Telegram further tried to convince people that WhatsApp is lying to its users. But now, after putting too many allegations to its rival messaging app, the latest update of Telegram can be troublesome for itself. The platform first accumulated the primary data of users like contact information, names, etc. But now, as per Forbes, it has further included more details of users such as their financial data, emails, private chats, specific location, and even media files.

The platform has gathered this data unwillingly and all the information gathered by the platform is connected back to the users and their characters. But, it is assumed that the number of data that this platform has gathered is significantly lower than the data that was gathered by its competitor WhatsApp. If we make a comparison among Telegram and its competitor Signal and iMessage, the main variation will be starker. Telegram has tried to justify its point on the confidentiality tag of Apple that neither its intention is to gather data to show personalized ads to its users nor it is transferring the data of users to a third party. It uses the data to perform its own functions to make this platform work efficiently and securely.

Telegram further clarified its point about the collection of financial details and locations that it is not relevant and the platform uses this information only when the user trying to access some particular functions. It is simple to understand that the platform does not offer encryption of data and it is cloud-based messaging app and the staff can even retrieve the information. Users are putting their trust in the guidelines of the platform not the reliability of the encryption.

The new update of Telegram put the platform in a trouble and Facebook took the benefit in the same way that Telegram is not offering encryption of the chat by default and further Facebook highlighted the flaws of Telegram that leaked a large amount of data of users in the past. This update of Telegram can also impact half-billion users across the world. The messenger does not remain secure after it gathers the details of the exact location of users and connecting to their identities. Users should think before leaving WhatsApp and shifting to Telegram, it is as secure as its competitor Signal is.

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