These Are the Most Widely Desired Digital Marketing Skills According to LinkedIn (infographic)

The types of skills that people need to have in order to get jobs that are truly worthwhile keep changing over time, and this basically means that these skills usually have to do with what companies require in order to make a decent amount of money. LinkedIn tends to be a good place to figure these types of skills out, and if the information that is currently present on the site is any indication it seems that digital marketing and social media prowess is in high demand at this current point in time.

Marketing skills come in all shapes and sizes, but according to LinkedIn data it seems the companies generally need someone that has a fair amount of tech savvy that they can use to incorporate advertising onto various social media platforms. A combination of social media account management as well as marketing skills could prove to be enormously useful here. Any kind of digital marketing acumen is likely to put you in a position where you could end up getting a really good job, since the top three jobs right now are that of digital marketing specialists, digital account executive as well as social media managers.

Knowing how search engine works can generally be a pretty reliable skill to have as well, although knowledge of social media marketing trends is slowly starting to supersede. Various users are starting to become more likely to find products that they are interested in or services that they require on social media rather than using some kind of a search engine, and this is the type of thing that is creating a pretty massive paradigm shift in the world at this current point in time.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that the fact that these are the skills that companies such as Hibu are asking for on LinkedIn does not mean that these are the only skills that might end up mattering to you. Companies that require LinkedIn in order to find various employees to fulfill certain roles are going to gravitate towards needing these kinds of skills, but LinkedIn by no means represents the entirety of the employer community.

However, if you do feel like you need to learn skills that might put you in a position that would make you capable of getting a top notch job, this could be one of the ways in which you could end up going about doing this type of thing. Digital marketing is definitely a good career path to follow, and the infographic below can tell you more about the jobs that you can get in this field.

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