Competitive search engines will now be available as the default option on Android Devices for free after Google allowed it

Google has been ruling over as default search engine for a very long time however there’s a possibility that now other competing search engines could be marking themselves as default search tool for android devices.

This situation is the aftermath of the antitrust enforcement action and the $5 billion fine that was imposed on the tech giant by the European Commission back in 2018. As a result to this record breaking fine, European users got the chance to setup there phone with the applications they prefer instead of accepting the apps preinstalled by the company.

While following the orders given by the Commission, Google decided to classify the eligible search engines that could replace Google as the default searching tool. Up to twelve different search engines have been named that will be available to the users as an alternative engine. While for the default engine, Google is planning to host an auction based on pay to play rules. However, some of the search engines considered this to be an unjust method and reached out to European Commission once again to plea against this. After learning about the doubts the other parties had against the play, the commission held a meeting with Google and asked the company to clear any confusion by explaining themselves.

To make things clear and to remove all the doubts, the company decided to update its policy and the fee for participating was brought down to zero for eligible search tool. This statement was given by the head of Google for competition in Europe, Oliver Bethell. In his uploaded blog post he further added that not just the fee has been brought down, but the number of available engine has also been increased.

Hence while setting up an Android Device, if the user decided to go with a different search engine, then apps linked with the selected engine will be installed only instead of the Google apps.

The eligibility criteria for a search engines to nominate itself as a default engine is that it should be a general engine while not being involved in syndicating advertisements and results from the company. These new updates will be available by September 1st 2021 in upcoming Android devices for the users in Europe and United Kingdom.

Screenshot: Android Choicescreen

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