Knowledge Panel for Google Search will soon feature cited articles for news reporters and journalists

Knowledge Panels are a convenient method to acquire brief details and explanations without needing to read an entire page. Knowledge panel is present in Google search which includes details about significant locations, businesses, groups, things, and renown people. Journalists fall into the former group and their published work will going to be displayed in the Knowledge panel.

Knowledge panels are basically an info panel that appears whenever a person search for entities. They are designed to provide readers a fast overview of material on a subject depending on Google's knowledge of what's out there.

Specifically for writers and reporters, Google is trying to display essential background details, social affiliations, and nominees and awards in the Knowledge panel. Along with this, a slideshow of their published pieces will shortly appear on the overview. Just similar to the Top news page, where a background photo, title, caption and author information, and introductory lines are displayed. Knowledge panel is going to work in the same way.

This addition in the knowledge panel is meant to help people understand what topics the person has lastly addressed. This might clarify things and it will be convenient for readers to get direct access to few of their most latest pieces.

This update is not yet launched publicly. Only some of the US English publishers are allowed to test it out on mobile phones before revealing it to everybody. According to Google, they are planning to extend the availability of this update to every author and writer along with the access on other devices in the future. However, it is equally important to try out the feature with various means of managing the content to achieve the optimum quality. They are constantly searching for approaches to improvise the service and guarantee that the most relevant material will be displayed frequently. The readers are provided with the feedback option that appears at the bottom of the knowledge panel to give suggestions on how they would like to see the content.

Publishers are encouraged to include specified description in their publications so that the card can be improved. Publishers can further improve their presence on Knowledge panel by designing more organized descriptions such as the reporter or writer’s name, separate profile section for journalist where they can highlight their specialty. Such efforts can help in achieving larger audience and make the content more visible on Google search.

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