Google is all set to introduce its very own device tracking system similar to Apple

Apple has designed its operating system with the latest technology and has a firm grip on all the updates and iOS environment. Apple has been able to create a vast, distributed network of products that are designed with the ability to help detect other devices as well.

Apple recently launched Bluetooth tracker system likewise other companies. Find my network on Apple makes the AirTags most efficient trackers available in the market. Due to the presence of the Google Play Services app on practically every Android gadget, Google is perhaps the only firm after Apple that can construct a wide range of devices that are similar to Apple’s one. Google appears to be understanding its capabilities and therefore planning to devise variety of web based devices, as reported by XDA.

Google Play services released its new version 21.24.13 in the beta channel. The decoding of the code mentioned in the update was done to find out the new features. It was discovered that “find device network” is going to be the part of this updated version. This feature is similar to the Apple’s feature that assists in locating devices.

The updated threads simply indicate that Google is developing "Find My Device" system that will enable the mobile to identify the devices that belongs to other people through Google play services. Previously, Google owned a similar app known as Find my Device that only locate the devices linked to Google account. However, this updated version of Google play store presented the new Find my device app that will allow people to find lost devices as well.

Android operating system is found in many smartphones across the world. According to an estimate, around 3 billion mobile phones are running on Android operating system. In most of the Android devices, Play store is already downloaded by default. Therefore, people can access the “Find My Device” system automatically. Google Play Services is a crucial part of Google Mobile Services (GMS), which is a collection of Google-developed applications and services that the corporation sells to phone manufacturers looking to market Android devices. Google Play Store is the leading app store in the Mobile industry, is also included in GMS. If smartphone manufacturer wants to install the play store in their products, they have to encompass other Google services as well.

Unfortunately, no detailed information is available on this new app in the updated version of Play Store. Once it will rule out for testing purpose, more deeper investigation can be done to update the users. However, it is uncertain when this app will become available.

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