Google Boasts 3 Billion Active Android Devices Around Globally

Google has produced some of the best digital products. However, apart from its main search and browsing tools the tech giant is famous for a lot of aspects including its Android operating system, TVs and even the car features. The company has always made sure to provide its users with the best they have to offer and in return have always managed to achieve great success.

One huge milestone the company recently crossed, and mind you, the achievement is big is that Google announced that the company has crossed around 3 billion devices that are actively being used currently around the world. This numbering means that there is one Android device for every two people in the world and that it is a long run ahead than the Windows 10. What me mean is that as of the counting done recently, it shows that there are currently 2 times more Android devices active globally in comparison to active and running Microsoft Windows devices.

The active phone however, does not include the number of Android devices that have been sold in total over time because it will be more than this. This number represents the devices that are currently active and working which means any device which has been switched off and not in use for a long time is not included in the counting, that probably includes the G1 device in your store room — unless you fired it up recently.

Back in 2019, Google announced that the number of active devices was around 2.5 billion and the growth has drastically increased in over a year with the sold devices being assuredly around 500 million along with devices being retired and replaced by owners at a steady rate as well.

Being in the mobile manufacturing world is just as tricky as playing poker because manufacturers do not know at what point which stance will turn over their game and even though Microsoft has been long out of the race when it stopped launching its version of non-Android mobile software, we are sure it would have stung to a few executives at the company when they came to know that Android has managed to cross over three times more devices than Microsoft has currently active.

Android is doing great in the field of technology with every new device and feature it launches. The company has always provided the public with the best it has and hence has always gotten a positive response in return. We are sure they have a bag full of techy surprises for its audience and we will be seeing some new and great things in the future.

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