Google has revealed the latest grant program for researchers that will help in avoiding risks and vulnerable issues in the product design stage

Google launched the vulnerability search incentive program for the first time during the year 2015 intending to give money prizes to researchers and investigators to check the security of the company’s services and different products such as issues and misuse, even in the case when no defect is found in the product or service. This basic aim of the incentive plan is to create the best quality product to gain reputation in the eyes of customers and that can help in building a strong customer relationship. But now, Google has revealed the latest research grant package to avoid misuse and other issues related to the product.

Through this latest program, Google will give bounties to those researchers who are successful in finding the designed weaknesses in the products of the company, that can adversely impact the quality of the product and put a bad experience of users. The company actually wants to provide its customers the best practice of using the company’s product. These bonuses will be provided straightforward prior to security researchers submit a problem found in the products of the company.

Google said that even this program has gained much success in the past few years still, a lot of work needs to be done in the related field, therefore, it has unveiled this new program to find the maltreatment related procedures other sensitive issues related to the product beyond the vision of conventional security susceptibilities. The company further said that it appreciates the external scrutiny that can help the company in dealing with issues of products and services and that can even help in providing a safe experience to users.

The previous bug bounty program of the company successfully found more than a thousand vulnerabilities and weaknesses during the last 3 years. Google will offer researchers to join the program and with the joining of this program, incentives will be given, and the amount can be based upon the number of researchers and the privacy risk related to the product. It is obvious that if the product has a high risk such as personal data leakage and can affect a number of customers, the reward will be high in finding the flaws.

The search giant company is also promoting those people by giving scholarships up to $100,000, who are interested to solve the security problems related to the product and they want to grow their career in this field, this can financially help them to start their advancement. Google also provides different courses and online certificates to students.

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