Facebook under scrutiny again as EU and UK launch investigations on its Marketplace

Facebook has been walking on thin ice ever since it was revealed that the tech giant allegedly uses unfair means to gain user data. Its schemes to access user data are to ‘provide better service’ however not notifying the users makes us question their intentions.

This Friday, Facebook took another blow as Britain and Europe launched antitrust investigations against the misuse of consumer data and their dubious dating offerings. The main objective that EC is playing by is to assess whether Facebook is violating any EU law of the consumer marketplace by unfairly using data acquired through the unknowing customers through ads to compete against rival marketplaces. Of course, if Facebook has been using such means, its saturation in the consumer area is pretty justified.

The authenticity and outcome of the investigations are guaranteed as EC Commissioner Margrethe Vestager has already fined 8 billion euros on a Google case while Apple and Amazon are next in turn. Facebook is in pretty deep waters as UK regulators also have been investigating Apple and Google for a while now and trust us, the result, as well as the process, hasn't been a pretty one. Facebook has been under the eye of the EU for a while now as just 3 years after the tech giant's launch, it started receiving scrutiny from the EU.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook declared in April that due to the ongoing pandemic, the significance of online shopping has gone up a few notches as more than 1 billion people engage in buying and selling from the company's marketplace in a month. Such high consumerism further highlights the area and more companies seem to suspect the tech giant.

The EU also claims to investigate if the social side and the economical side of Facebook are connected. It does make sense that the information and data collected through the user activity on the social side would help elevate sales in the marketplace, making it a targeted store for consumer needs, giving them quite an unfair boost.

The UK investigation will cover areas including how the collection of data from advertisers is done by Facebook and the intentions behind the signing on Facebook to use various applications and sites. The UK regulators have claimed to find out how both these will benefit the company in terms of its marketplace and dating.

Such unfair means reduce customer choice and lessen competition in the wrong way by not giving other rising or striving brands a chance.

Of course, Facebook had something to say in return. The tech giant stated that they would provide full compliance to prove their innocence. It also emphasized how both these areas compete fair and square in competitive markets and the outcome is just a result of a highly active market.

This latest investigation has been launched against the Californian group, while it should be noted that there are former allegations against the French and German groups as well.

The allegations on Facebook have been climbing the charts for a while now and it is no wonder that such big corporations decided to take actions against the mega-corp together. Although both the agencies are working separately, they have decided to join hands when needed.

Do you think Facebook is being unfairly accused or the allegations do seem to raise some questions? Let us know in the comments below.

H/T: Reuters.

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