Apple brings new update to its AirTags after critics pointed out that it can be used by a stalker

The tech giant Apple is one of the best companies when it comes to technology, the company has been producing excellent quality products that never fails to satisfy their users. Apart from making excellent quality products, Apple is also an excellent problem solver. On the 20th of April this year Apple announced the ‘Apple AirTag’ which is designed to solve a common problem we all face on a daily basis. So what problem does it solves?

Well, have you ever been in a rush and upon reaching your car you realize that you don’t have the car keys in your pocket. You rush back in and look for the car keys in every possible place you must have kept them but they are nowhere to be found and after an hour or so of a tiring search operation you finally find them between the cushions of your couch where they might have slipped out from your pocket. Apart from car keys there are plenty of things that usually get lost at the most important times such as a backpack right before an important meeting.

The Apple AirTag effectively solves this problem, users can attach the AirTag onto their keys, backpack and any other thing that they don’t want to struggle finding. Once attached the AirTag will give the user information of its live location. Since the AirTag like other apple product seamlessly sync’s with other apple devices like an IPhone, IPad, Apple Watch and Mac, users would have no problem in tracking their car keys, bags and other such things.

The Apple AirTag sure is an excellent product but recently critics brought attention to a drawback of using the AirTag. Critics said that the AirTag can be used to track its users real time location and address, as the AirTag is small in size and can easily be slipped into any person’s bag, car and other such things. An AirTag would take 3 days to start to notify that it is away from its owner, this would give any stalker enough time to track the person and get information about his routine and residence making any crime easy. This made a lot of people using the AirTag worried about their privacy and raised concerns regarding this coin sized device.

Apple received concerns regarding this problem and have now released a new update for AirTag, now any AirTag would start to beep in between 8 to 24 hours of being away from its owner, making the person whose location is being traced aware. The change in time difference may look like a small change but it does have a great effect and it puts an end to the possibility of the device being used for stalking.

Apart from that Apple announced that it is also planning to release an app on the Google Play store for Android users that will enable them to detect any AirTag that is not theirs, but is travelling with them. These new updates by Apple will finally put an end to people concerns regarding the AirTag.

Photo: James D. Morgan via Getty Images

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