Google Maps tests a helpful pickup feature that ensures speedy pickups

In Google I/O, Google Maps disclosed its plans to add plenty of new updates on its platform. Among those new and innovative features, Assistive pickup tool gets the most attention.

Google Map is planning to bring out a whole slew of updated features including smarter guiding approaches based on artificial intelligence and a Live View functionality extension.

The technology that is now used to upgrade Google map’s features is beyond professional level. In all of the smart features, one of them permits people to communicate with the retailers via Google maps and inform about their time slots in advance. Upon knowing the time of arrival, it will be easier for the retailers to process the order as quickly as possible and in return customer would not have to wait for long time.

Google maps version 10.72 which was just released on the Play Store undergo breakdown. During that times, XDA Developers found out the upcoming functionalities Google maps will be receiving. The forthcoming features of any application’s future version are typically highlighted by an APK disassembly. Although, its is not necessary that all the predicted functionalities will going to be in the new version of any application.

According to the information revealed by XDA Developers, people are now able to upload their orders on Google map. Along with the order, time slots can also be mentioned which will prevent delay in orders and speed up the process. This functionality also allows people their pickup orders which can be done via confirmation email received on Gmail ID. Its completely up to the users to disable these new features whenever they want.

It was also indicated that the on-spot location of a user will never be revealed to the shops via this new tool. When the 10.72 version was takedown, the new feature was depicted in a photo viewed by the site.

When the Real-time Updates for Assistive Pickup tool will become available, Google map will present a banner that alerts the users about the functionality and how it works. All the guidelines will be mentioned in that banner to avail this tool easily.

In a recent app update, Google maps got plenty of new features but unfortunately Assistive pickup functionality remains unavailable. By the next update, Google intends to provide users more comprehensive views on Google map. Seattle, São Paulo, and Berlin will be able to get this feature in the end of 2021.

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