Google Chrome's updated “Send tab to your device” feature will make switching from one device to another super easy

About three weeks ago, Google was spotted testing the feature of “Send tabs to your devices” in its Chrome browser for desktop and Android devices, apparently, the send to your device feature allows the user to review a current page in Chrome browser from another device, this can also increase the number of audiences on the web page. For instance, if you open any random website on your desktop and you want to see such website on your mobile as well (for later reading purposes), you can right-click on the page and easily send such website page to the mobile device. But there was a problem with that feature when you send back that website page from mobile to desktop version Chrome browser, this set to rely on the system notifications that would have to pop-up to let the user know that the page has been sent, but Google was not happy with this, because it is relying on the system. Therefore, Google was experimenting to replace that local's system notification with in-app notifications.

Now, as per Leo Varela, the company is working on changing the system notifications in windows 10 with a notification that will appear in the top right corner in the toolbar option of Chrome Canary. The upgraded version is now working, and the latest and enhanced version of this feature can be enabled in the Canary browser by going to the address bar and type chrome://flags, then type in the "Send tab to self 2.0", or simply paste this in the search bar "chrome://flags/#send-tab-to-self-v2" you can change it from default to enable and then you need to restart your Chrome browser. Now, next time when you plan to share a tab from mobile device to laptop just be sure that your Sync setting is set to on and then try sharing a link/tab via 'Send to your devices' option from share menu of Chrome and voila that link will be available easily on your desktop chrome browser in the form of Sync icon, right next to the profile icon.

Leo Varela has also shown an exemplary Gif to guide people about the notifications that shows how it will look like, and it has also made a comparison with the previous one. Now with the send to your device feature which can be enabled with a flag option can now circumvent the system notifications and put it in the top right corner near the toolbar. This feature is not available in the stable version of Google Chrome, instead, it is available only in the not so well stable version of Chrome Canary. Google may also launch this send to device feature to the stable version of Google Chrome in the near future, but still, it has not made any announcement yet.

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