The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announces that the company will wait until the year 2023, before taking a portion from the income of creators

Facebook provides its platform to millions of creators where they can post and share their content with other users. There is no doubt that this platform has more around 3 billion users so this platform can give a large audience to content creators. Further, Facebook has announced during the 56th security conference that held in Munich that the company wants to help more creators on the platform to continue their career and make a good living. Therefore, the social media company has decided not to take a portion from the revenue of creators until next two years, and keep the subscriptions, badges and other online events for free. This will give an opportunity to creators to earn a good amount from this massive platform.

In a post, the CEO of the company further said that after two years when the company will announce the portion of its share, it will be less than 30% of the income of creators on the platform, however, Apple Company and others are getting about 30% or more percentage from the sold products via apps and that number of downloads of apps from App Store. The CEO said that the company is issuing a new payment line to help content creators understand that how the charges of different companies can become a hurdle in earning income. The representative of the company said that different content creators can anticipate how much revenue they can earn after making the payments of charges, certain taxes, and in-app purchase charges that creators have to pay on iOS or the apps of Android. The interface will be merely on the web in the initial stage and for paid digital events to start with. This can give an edge to Facebook in becoming a more appealing option for users than other rivals of this platform.

The company is trying to promote the work of creators; therefore, it wants content creators to earn more money from its network. The latest pay-out line can be an answer to the latest update of Apple iOS 14.5 in which advertisers have to take permission from users to track their data, and Apple will also show a control panel in which it will publish complete details about the information that the third-party app has gathered from the device of a user’s. Facebook and Apple have concerns with each other for some time especially after the latest of the latest iOS update. The social media company, therefore, wants to give a tough time to Apple Company by targeting the percentage share of revenue of Apple.

Photo: Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

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