Apple updates its Mail and Safari policies as well as Apple Privacy Report to ensure a better and more secured experience for its users online through its devices

Apple has always been really conscious when it comes to protecting the privacy and security of its users. The tech giant has taken numerous steps for ensuring their user data is protected, for example how it introduced the App Tracking Transparency feature which asked application to provide a full detail on what data they will collect from the users and ask for consent from users for the collection of data.

Now, the tech giant has taken several other steps to ensure privacy.

At the WWDC Conference Apple announced that it will be bringing out new features for its Mail and Safari applications to ensure that their users are not tracked online.

According to Apple many advertisers use pixels online to track when a user opens their email and determine their IP address through all this information. All this can be used to help advertisers with targeted advertisements.

However, Apple through its Mail Privacy Protection has always made sure that their user data is protected and no advertiser can collect their information. The tech giant also makes sure that no data of users are collected online during their web search on Safari through the Intelligent Tracking Prevention which basically uses an on device to stop trackers from collecting data and allows the safari to work normally at the same time.

However, you must be thinking that since these two features are already present since a long time, what is new?

Well, Apple in the conference of WWDC 2021 said that they are now working towards making these two features even more better and secured for their users. The new update in these features will allow the technology giant to now protect a user’s IP address as well which was not possible before. Hence, advertisers online will not be able to collect a users’ IP Address and keep a track on their activities online to build a profile about them.

Apart from this, another new thing which will soon be hitting Apple is an update in the Safari Privacy Report which the company had launched last year. This feature protected users from trackers who followed their information around the web, but now the company is expanding this feature to all the applications present on iOS and iPadOS.

This new feature update will allow users to see how the apps are using the data that they have been granted permission to collect from camera, contacts and other sources on the phone and if a user feels like a breach with the app they can report it through settings or simply uninstall the app.

However, the coolest thing in this App Privacy Report has got to be the ability to check if an application is sharing your data with any other website or third party which eventually will help users to uninstall the app or limit it from collecting your data.

It is great that Apple is so protective towards its user’s privacy and takes immediate and definite measures that should be used to protect them and that is one reason Apple users are so loyal to their products.

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