Facebook’s new initiative will now assure brands of their safety by tackling possibly troublesome users

Facebook is on a cleaning spree to let advertisers get rid of accounts that might potentially harm their feed in ways they deem irresponsible. The platform aims to remove all contradictory posts containing political info shared by a large population of users accounting for up to 1.8 billion. It will then give advertisers the freedom to stop targeting their services towards those conflicting accounts.

Facebook recently made a pact to provide advertisers yet another option to exclude certain topics from their Facebook pages. Although it is unclear which brands would be able to utilize the new feature with Facebook's air of secrecy and absolute exclusivity, it is for sure that brands would benefit from the new feature which would allow them to block out all potential accounts that might disrupt their otherwise harmonical setting.

The platform was rather cautious while sharing information about this new update. We only got to know that the operational testing has started and will continue for the rest of the year. The result of these tests will further determine how Facebook carries out the operation and the number of brands that will get to access this service.

Since Facebook is a mix of content in no chronological order, the algorithm of the site does not ensure related posts appearing next to each other on the feed. But this was highly criticized as authentic content was being shown next to questionable posts. This made the brands anxious about the response their sponsored posts were to receive. Although Facebook kept claiming time and time again how the relevancy of such posts appearing next to each other is null, it is all a matter of reputation, which such posts were damaging of highly sought-after brands.

The Global Alliance for responsible Media set out a few guidelines that Facebook promised to comply with to protect the safety of brands after boycotting through massive social movements. These guidelines assist in hate speech of all kinds.

Facebook has already started notifying advertisers about its topic exclusion policy which will exclude any issues of contradiction. Also, according to those advertisers, the policies are similar to the settings of the videos on Facebook. It was also reported that while these categories are only limited to 2 at the moment, they are said to expand in a matter of time.

Lastly, it will be quite a challenge for Facebook to weed out all the accounts spreading misinformation and irrelevant news. Such accounts with their malicious posts could still appear next to advertisements on their friends' feeds. Finding sources that authentically point out all such accounts is a hurdle while blocking out only irrelevant information instead of all kinds of news is also a major problem.

We have yet to see how Facebook develops the feature and if brands are satisfied with the service being provided. Individual parties adopted to disregard such posts does seem a bit excessive even for the mightiest brand so Facebook launching such initiatives is true quite a marvel.

Photo: Robert Galbraith / Reuters
H/T: AdAge.

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