Here Are the Changes That are Coming Soon to Google Chrome

One of the main reasons why anyone would want to end up using Google Chrome in the incognito mode has to do with the fact that you don’t have to wipe your data when you use this mode. Rather, Google Chrome will wipe all of this data for you pretty much as soon as you close the window. However, a lot of users seem to be unaware of this and attempt to delete their data in the midst of their usage of this Google Chrome browsing mode.

In light of this, it appears that Google has seen fit to add a prompt that would tell you to simply close the window if you wish to delete your history. This prompt, as per TD, will only be shown when you attempt to delete your browsing history (such as using Ctrl+Shift+Delete), and another thing that you might want to note here is that you will have to toggle this option on if you want to see it as some kind of a reminder of how you can go about deleting your browsing history if that is what you choose to do.

Another change that is coming to Google Chrome indicates that Microsoft Edge is starting to have a sizeable impact on web browsers across the board. Edge often shows users a “What’s New” section along with tips regarding how they can better use the browser to meet their needs, and Google Chrome has already incorporate the latter of these two features by adding Tips to their help menu indicating that the Chrome team is closely monitoring anything and everything that the people working on Edge seem to come up with.

It seems that Chrome is now about to get a “What’s New” section as well (that can be access by visiting this page chrome://whats-new/). The purpose of this section would be to make it easier for users to digest the changes that have occurred in their browsing platform after the latest update.

Canary 93 seems to be bringing a bunch of new features into the mix, with one of the most prominent being the ability to add a tab that you are currently perusing to your reading list. This is a continuation of Chrome’s efforts to help users better organize their tabs and continue their research at a later date. All in all, pretty much all of these changes are proving to be quite effective and it makes sense that Chrome is taking a leaf out of Edge’s book as well since the browser is doing a good job of providing an alternative to Chrome and this is something that Google would want to address lest they lose their dominance in the browser market.

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