Facebook Messenger May Switch Themes Depending On What Mode Your Phone Is Set On

We all have heard that the smartphone lights can be harmful for users while they are using it at night, in order to prevent this many mobile applications have launched features which enable users to switch their applications to dark or light mode depending on their preference.

One such application is Facebook Messenger, which also after testing the dark mode features for a few months launched it for users worldwide in 2019.

However, there was something the Messenger application lacked. Almost all smartphones, whether iOS or Android have an option where users can choose to switch their phones to dark mode or back at light mode again. In some phones, they even have the option to enable the phone to switch to dark mode automatically after the sunsets. So when a phone is switched to dark mode, all the applications that have a dark mode option are automatically switched as well.

Well, all apart from Messenger. This application did not switch automatically to the dark mode once the phone settings were switched to it and users had to do it manually. This was because the company believed in giving users the authority on how they wanted to use the application.

However, turns out most of the users preferred it to switch automatically to the dark mode along with the phone settings and since Facebook gives the most preference to user’s views and thoughts, looks like they are working on this feature as well.

The feature has not been rolled out publicly as of yet but a person on Reddit has posted about how he has a new update on his Messenger application settings UI and now his Messenger switches back and forth from dark and light mode depending on his Android’s set mode.

He further mentioned that this new feature was available on his app version 314. but only one of his accounts was availing the feature while the other accounts set on the same version did not have the accessibility of this new feature. The user mentioned that he also tried enabling this feature through the Beta Version 315., however it was not accessible through it as well which made him believe that this can be activated through a server-side switch. Though we like to believe that this feature has been launched to a selected number of users currently, we hope they make it official soon and launch it to the rest of their audience because users will then not have to do the additional task of switching their Messenger application separately.

Facebook has always managed to come up with great features and we know this one will be a hit among the public and we cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us.

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