Intel took a lot of shots on Apple throughout the year however the latest one ‘Backfires’

During the Apple’s World Wide Developer’s conference held in 2020, Apple’s CEO ‘Tim Cook’ announced that Apple computers will soon stop using Intel CPU’s and will begin producing their own silicone chips that consumers saw in their computers by the end of that year. Apple was using Intel processors since 2006 but then decided to make their own top of the line processors, the new Apple processors have 8 cores with an integrated GPU that performs better than most integrated GPU’s out there.

While Apple started to sell computers with their own processors they became a competitor to Intel that has been making processors for the longest time now and is the most successful in the business. This competition also came with a lot of one sided trolling from Intel. Intel from the start of this year has been degrading Apple’s new processors in numerous ways.

It all started in January when Intel’s upcoming CEO insulted Apple by saying that it is more of a lifestyle brand. Just a weeks later in February Intel created an advertisement campaign, the main focus of this new ad campaign was to show consumers how a PC is much more capable than Mac and can do things that a Mac can’t. The ad showed things like a touch screen and games discontinued on the Macintosh operating system so that Mac users realize what they are missing on.

Just about a month later Intel brought in an actor in this one sided battle, the actor played the character of the human form of a Mac and took a lot of shots on the new Apple’s M1 processor. A few months later Intel’s CEO ‘Pat Gelsinger’ released a statement saying that all these shots taken at Apple’s new product was not that serious and were just a little fun Intel did with its new competitor, apart from that he also said Intel still hopes to supply Apple with their processors.

Just a month later from the statement by Intel’s CEO, Intel released an advertisement for its processor and showed a MacBook Pro in it which does not uses the processor the advertisement was made for.

Apart from all the advertisements made to take shots at Apple, Intel’s Chief Performance Strategist ‘Ryan Shrout’ in a call with a gaming news website said that it is the poor gaming performance on Macintosh computers that makes Intel superior to Apple. Moreover, Intel also released charts that compared the performance of a PC with Intel’s new H-series processor with Apple’s MacBook pro but the weird thing about this comparison was that the MacBook compared to Intel’s new processor used an Intel processor and not the Apple’s new M1.

The performance comparison that Intel did to show consumers that their processor is better than Apple back fired as all it did was compare Intel’s new processor to an old one.

H/T: PCGamer.

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