Good news for bloggers, writers and web publishers! You can now embed Facebook videos at a any given time on your blogs and websites (Just like YouTube)

Facebook recently updated its video embed settings through which users can share already uploaded Facebook videos at any chosen time, on other websites and blogs. A new option has been introduced into its video posting settings through which creators can select the time of their choice to post a playback video.

In the embed video setting, an option will be provided where people can select a starting time for their playback video. Along with the time update, users can pick a particular chunk of video to play rather than the entire video clip. This will going to help viewer’s stay focused on the selected part.

For a fact, YouTube came up with the same idea long ago. Though, coding experts can use their capabilities to accomplish the similar functionality on Facebook by inserting t=[chosen frame start]" operand. However, majority of the people lacks knowledge of code settings and some people are too busy to search how to achieve this functionality. This will be a useful choice for this approach to let viewers watch only essential sections of the Facebook video.

For YouTube, this functionality is easy to enable and people are used to of it. What it will do is to only enable people to watch a specific chunk of a playback video. Similarly, on Facebook users can cut a particular portion of video they like to show viewers and add it in their Facebook video. Furthermore, now people can choose any preferred time they want to upload video to make it go live. This makes easier for users to set the time and organize their Facebook page or group smoothly.

People who are excellent in coding and knows how to do it in a right manner will easily opt for that particular option to avail this update. Otherwise, simply go to embed videos setting and click on embed to select time. Set the time of own choice and the video or its selected part will going to be upload on that particular time.

Uploading only a selective chunk instead of a whole playback video will increase the users interaction and keep the video relevant to their interested topic.

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