Facebook Is Working With Full Force On Its New Venture “Bulletin” To Jump Into Subscription-Based Newsletter Space

Facebook is one of the top most social media giants and considering how large its user numbers are the tech giant is always looking at ways through which it can introduce new features and tools which will help both the platform and its audience.

The tech giant always comes up with great features and currently it has introduced another great option for creators to take advantage from its network. Facebook is working on its “Bulletin” feature which is its own kind of news providing service. The company plans on bringing both local as well as international news all together on one platform for its users to benefit from and according to the tech giant it will provide local writers who are trying to grow online a rather great place to establish themselves.

The Bulletin when first released will only be featuring news from writers who focus on topics like sports, environment and fashion and will grow forward from these in the coming weeks. What should be noted is that though this is a project initiated by Facebook on its main application, it will not directly be accessible on it. Users will get a link option on Facebook’s main application for Bulletin, tapping on which will open a browser leading to the “Bulletin” on which all news will be available.

When questioned from the spokespersons about why are they not making it live directly on the main application, they provided us with two reason. One being that the tech giant wants to establish Bulletin as a separate platform and the other one being that if they make the new feature directly available on the Facebook app, they will have to pay the commission to Apple and Google Stores which they want to avoid.

This new feature from Facebook will be a great platform for writers who are looking to build a business and audience online as the application has currently 2.9 billion people using it and linking a platform through it will mean that it can target audience with the type of news content they will prefer according to their region and likings and this will provide an amazing way for writers to earn a great revenue. The new platform will also include Facebook’s new Journalism Project where they are hiring local writers from different parts of the world as a part of their content team.

Facebook is providing content writers with great deals where it has provided journalist a two-year contract along with the option for them to quit after a year if they don’t feel like continuing with Facebook. This is just a step by the tech giant to assure writers that they are rather serious about their new venture.

What Facebook is making sure is to avoid recruiting any writer who plans on writing on political niches because this can be a very sensitive subject to touch at times.

Photo: Nikolas Kokovlis/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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