Data shows some interesting insights into the significance of the loyalty of creators on YouTube, and its impact on digital marketing strategy

It is pretty simple to understand that whatever you are doing is probably because you are dedicated to your work, you will have the desired return. Similarly, if YouTube creators are making videos for their audience, their main aim is to make a video in such a way that looks engaging and that brings back the viewer again and again on their channel. Most creators plan this before creating a channel on the platform, for instance, if a creator has created a channel in which he gives some health tips, then it is most probable that he will get the viewers back to his channel again due to a strong bonding with the audience and it is also very important from the brands and marketers’ point of view while positioning their ads because this channel will have a greater retention rate.

In order to get a better overview of the loyalty of creators and how it can impact the marketing strategy, the group of researchers from Tubular Labs have deeply examined more than a hundred channels of different types of creators from January to February of this year to determine the return rate of audience and which category has more creative adhesion or loyalty than others. By examining the number of views on each video that each channel got in between the period of two months having the limit of 30 seconds, the group also checked the return rate of the viewers on a particular channel. The researchers found from their data that gaming channels have a more loyal audience because more than half of their viewers (53%) come back on the channel, however, this may include the younger audience who love games, especially during the pandemic situation, teenagers find gaming videos and streaming more engaging. Therefore, gaming channels are getting a large number of views during quarantine situations.

Some other categories have also a good return rate of their viewers such as ‘People and Blogs’ can bring up to 24% of their viewers back to their channel, while creators making the videos of entertainment are also getting a good amount of return rate that is about 15%, while sports and music channels can equally bring back their audience to their channel that is about 14%. Many channels are getting failed to create a strong bonding with their viewers such as pet lovers’ channels and travel videos. Marketers can make their advertisement plans accordingly that which channels can make greater connectivity with their audience, for instance, people are not interested to watch pet channel every day because they might consider this boring if they watch such types of videos regularly.

Marketers and brands should also understand that a creator plays a vital role in engaging the audience through the quality of the content, some creators have such a strong relationship with their audience that they come back because of the connection with the creator even if they do not like the content sometimes. Taking an example of an American gaming video streamer and gamer Ninja who consistently gets a good amount of audience on his channel irrespective of the fact that which game he is playing.

Some creators use the technique of series videos which help in bringing back the audience to the channel. The researchers also made a comparison between the retention rates of media channels and YouTube creators and obviously, the YouTube creators took the lead up to 17%. People especially in the US are spending more time watching YouTube videos than TV channels.
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