LinkedIn is Finally About to Get a Dark Mode

It seems that LinkedIn has finally decided to hop on the wagon by offering users a dark mode that they can use to make the user interface a bit easier on the eyes. A lot of companies started offering a feature like this since it was highly in demand, and while LinkedIn is most certainly late to the party this isn’t really all that much of an issue if you think about it since the vast majority of LinkedIn users would simply be glad that they are now getting the chance to take advantage of this type of feature whilst trying to create a professional network for themselves.

While the feature hasn’t exactly been rolled out yet, reverse engineer Jane Wong managed to uncover this feature which will be toggled on and off in the settings page. The look and feel of dark mode is pretty standard, with gray cards being placed on a black background and white text being shown throughout. It seems that LinkedIn is following the trend pretty much down to the letter without really attempting to innovate in any way, shape or form.

This makes sense since you really wouldn’t want to try to fix something or the other that isn’t even broken in the first place. One thing to note is that the dark mode is only going to be available on desktop when it gets released which might come as a surprise to some since LinkedIn had initially announced that they were working on a dark mode for the mobile version of the app. It would appear that plans for a dark mode on the app ended up falling through, and that LinkedIn decided to stick with a desktop dark mode for now which would seem like a reasonable compromise to a large section of its user base all in all.

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