Facebook invites developers to develop an AI to give tough time to one of the hardest video game

Ever tried plating chess against a computer? Well, if you are someone that have done it you might know how difficult it is to win against it. Well not only chess but beating other complex computer games is also quite hard and sometimes nearly impossible for a human to beat. You might be thinking of what possibly can beat these games?

The answer to your question is Artificial intelligence, with big leaps of success in the technological industry humans have been able to develop AI programs that can easily play games and perform various tasks better than an average human can, systems nowadays can easily beat humans in every other game.

However, like humans, artificial intelligence also needs to go through the process of training and learning. Nowadays competitive and strategy online games have become an excellent training and testing ground for AI programs. Researchers and AI programmers use simple and complex strategy games to test the limits and ability of their AI. An artificial intelligence based company called ‘Deep Mind’ successfully made its AI learn to play around 57 different games in 2020.

The tech giant ‘Facebook’ is also one company that is highly interested in the development of AI and has been working towards making it better for a long time now. Recently Facebook reached out to the artificial intelligence community and asked them for their help in one big task.

Facebook wants to develop an artificial intelligence that can beat ‘Net Hack’ which is termed as the ‘toughest game in the history of gaming’. Net Hack is a single player game, in which your character descends through multiple levels of a dungeon fighting monsters and collecting treasure on the way to the last level of the dungeon to recover an amulet and then escape all the way back. The game is extremely difficult and requires years of gameplay to master. Developed in the late 1980’s, the game is still updated and played by many around the world.

Net Hack sure is difficult for humans to beat but an AI program is what can easily beat this game. You might wonder why would Facebook ever want to do this? Well Facebook thinks that developing an AI program powerful enough to beat this game will be a great step towards the development of AI, as computers will be able to learn faster while using fewer resources.

To make the AI community develop such a program Facebook has been inviting developers to the 2021 Net Hack challenge. Facebook wants them to develop agents that can either win the game or get the highest possible score. This competition will run from June to 15th till the 15th of October, winners will be announced on the 15th of October on the Net Hack event.

Photo: lseths / YouTube

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