Messages generated through AI-based content creation tools can mislead people

Humans have always been trying to enhance machines and give them artificial intelligence so that they can exhibit features similar to humans and perform intellectual tasks such as decision making and problem solving, machine intelligence is being increased day by day and now we are dependent on artificial intelligence more than ever, our phones, computers even cars use artificial intelligence.

Have you ever received messages from brands to notify you of sales and events, well those messages are usually not written or sent by humans instead businesses big or small, mostly rely on an AI powered computer program called GPT-3, this program can create messages and emails and make them look as they are written by a human moreover they use perfect grammar and structuring. Recently a group of researchers from the University of Georgetown located in Washington DC conducted a research on the GPT-3 and found out that the it can easily create messages that are based on fake information and spread it all over the internet which can mislead people into believing in the wrong information, the misinformation campaign by the GPT-3 is more difficult to spot and remove. Since AI has gotten to a level where it can create fake news and spread it, algorithms like GPT-3 can prove to be even more dangerous when in the hands of criminals.

The GPT-3 came into existence in 2020, its job was to create big lines of text that looks as it they are written by humans. Researchers at the Georgetown University trained the GPT-3 for just around six months to write a misleading tweet about global warming that can easily create mass confusion among people, the generated text said that temperature of earth is no longer changing. Apart from that the GPT-3 was used to generate messages that opposed the sanctions imposed on China, the GPT-3 wrote messages so good that the number of readers that oppose the sanctions imposed on China nearly doubled.

If artificial intelligence algorithms like the GPT-3 and others are used to create misleading text on the internet and social media in the future, then it would be very difficult for people to differentiate between real and fake information.

About 2 years ago the CEO of Tesla ‘Elon Musk’ tweeted against the use of AI powered bots, he said that if their use continues, the consequences will be harsh.

Critics suspect that if the advancement of AI continues, it won’t be long before machines starts to affect our lives adversely.

Photo: Kilito Chan / Getty Images

H/T: Wired.

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