Instagram rolls out new group fundraiser feature, allowing big groups of people to raise fundraisers together

Computers and the internet are made so that humans could solve problems and search for information, but with the increasing platforms and their excellent communication features has made a lot of things really easy for us.

One such thing that the internet and social platforms have made easy for us is to collect donations. Be it an online donation program for flood relief or for war refugees, on social platforms people all over the world come together and take part in these donations. Collecting donations online makes the whole process really easy as with social platforms they reach a large audience and thus are able to collect much more money.

Watching the growing trend of collecting donations online, a whole lot of sites focused on fundraising have been developed over the years apart from that many social platforms like Facebook and Instagram have also developed features that allows their users to set up donations and reach a massive audience quickly.

Creating a fundraiser on Instagram is pretty easy, as all users have to do is to tap an edit fundraisers option, then add a photo and an appealing description that convinces people to donate money.

The fundraising feature has been on Instagram for a long time now, but recently the company has brought out a new feature that would further increase the number of donations collected in fundraisers organized on the platform.

With the new update, users are now able to host group fundraisers. This means that a group of people will be able to create a fundraiser together which will increase the chances of the fund raiser being viewed by more people thus making a group fundraising raise more money than a simple fundraiser.

Instagram noticed that when people raise funds offline, they usually do it in a group which is why they created this new feature and allowed people to make fundraisers and help different people together thus creating a community spirit in people.

To create a group fundraiser, users can tap on the share option on a fundraiser and invite more people to join their fundraiser, apart from that users can also search individual profiles and then invite those profiles to join their fundraiser.

This new feature of Instagram will surely prove to be really profitable for the app as it will drive a lot of new traffic and will drive people to actively take part in donations thus making the world a better place. So the next time you want to raise funds for a person, business or a community you want to help, Instagram is the platform to choose.

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