Facebook decides to test out new Live Rooms in the US - the event was led by the Facebook CEO himself

All big platforms inclusive have been launching new monetization opportunities per the surge in online pursuits as a result of the pandemic. A few months ago, around April, Facebook announced a bunch of new features mainly focusing on the audio side. One of the features that caught the attention of many was the Audio Rooms.

Audio Rooms are available on both Messenger and Facebook and were first tested out by big Taiwanese names until today when the CEO himself conducted a live trial session with some of the famous gamers. Andrew Bosworth and Simo joined the life as fellow executives from the corp.

The session mainly focused on discussing Facebook strategies while the Gamers were inclined towards debating about their goals and journey. On the topic, Zuckerburg briefly mentioned the arrival of yet another feature but this time, for a more exclusive group. The CEO commented on the launch of 'Looking for players, a feature that will allow gamers to find fellow gamers of the community when streaming online.

He also mentioned the start of a much-awaited service. Since fans and players have both been requesting the spread of badges from live streams, being able to bring them over to fan groups, Zuckerburg finally took notice and promised to launch the act soon. Another great news for the Gamers comes with the allocation of fan groups launching soon.

The quality of the Live Audio Rooms is similar to all other platforms. The host is indicated through a bold border around their icon while all speaking attendees are positioned along. Below, the space is inclusive of the speakers and mutual followers. Facebook also made things easier by placing a colorful ring (representing the typical brand colors) around the speaker speaking at the moment. The verified speakers are also highlighted by placing the infamous ‘blue tick’ next to their names.

Just like Instagram lives, you can react on Facebook Live Rooms as well. A 'like' button has been placed below for such purposes however we are unsure regarding the range of emoticons available. The feature can also be shared through groups and direct posts along with sharing by various messaging sites like Whatsapp.

To make things a tad bit easier, the feature will showcase a switch below represented by three dots that will enable you to access multiple features including the availability of captions, reporting users or bugs, and more. The only trait we did not like was how there is no way the audience can engage with the users except to react through the like button. The test period limits the feature to be represented solely on Android as well as iOS.

The CEO of Facebook thoughtfully expressed his concerns on how he thinks people should only work in areas that appeal to them, that they enjoy. Working where they're not interested in unfair to their creative side hence more monetization opportunities should be offered. Not only that, a variety of opportunities should be offered since not everyone works in a box. Facebook aims to create a vast space for all kinds of creators to showcase their talents.

Lastly, Zuckerburg commented on how creators of various niches will soon be able to take advantage of monetization opportunities as well with the launch of features such as ‘Bulletin’, a writing platform that is going to give all writers a chance to shine.

We are impatient for the launch of this new service yet skeptical about the launch as the feature is not for 'everyone but only for a limited number of users for the time being.

Screenshots: Techcrunch.

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