New features that can detect any copyright violations and prevent them in the middle of the uploading process are being added by YouTube

Ever since YouTube started to provide opportunities to earn money, using the the platform as a main source of revenue became a profession for a lot of small and big creators. Those who earn through this platform started calling themselves YouTubers. These YouTubers also play an important role in generating revenue for the app as well. To make sure its users are satisfied with the services, the app keeps brining in new features that either assist the users or help to prevent the video from being used by others.

Recently the app has announced that they will be throwing in some more options to prevent videos getting reused by other accounts as well as to find any breach of IP on the platform. These 2 violations are the most common issues faced by a YouTuber as it can affect the revenue they generate.

The app started to bring a change from the beginning, that is when a video is about to be posted. The uploader will receive a new checkbox option in which they can claim that they have all the rights to upload that video and they don’t want anyone else to upload the copy of the same video. Once the claim is made then YouTube will take any action necessary to stop others with the help of their video comparing software and detect ID for copyright. Not only they will prevent it from being posted again but if a similar video has already made its way, then it will be taken down by the authorities. The only thing YouTube wants from their creators is for them to hold the rights of the content they are posting . Since it is a global platform , then even the rights should be worldwide. And if someone does own the exclusive copyrights, then these videos will be dealt with measures making sure they are not used by others.

To show the efficiency of the new measures, YouTube will keep showing the list for how many similar videos they have blocked so far, who were matching the video uploaded by the real owner. This will help in putting a stop to any ongoing issue between two YouTubers. While the developers are hoping to make things right, this new measure can be used for fake claims as well. In such cases, if an account is found guilty then the account will get itself permanently removed from the platform.

The new update is officially out however, it will be available in phases and will be fully out in few months. It will start with those creators who are part of the partner program for YouTube and will gradually be made available to others. They are also working to resolve the issues that arise from copy strike. Such as the faults being highlighted in the detection process. Fixing these issues will help creators a lot as well.

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