Even a seasonal dip wasn't able to snatch the first position occupied by Apple due to the 5G enabled smartphone

Apple is no doubt the leading name when it comes to developing the cutting edge smartphones and other smart devices. It has earned itself the name, Tech Giant. Being the biggest rival to Samsung, Apple has once again retained its position for being number one when it comes to providing 5G smartphones to its users.

According to the statistic report for current year, even though the company went through a drop and yet it remained at first position in the first quadrant. Last year iPhone 12 made its entry and took over the market for being the most sold phone globally. With iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro being launched in October and the mini variant along with iPhone 12 Pro Max in November. Starting from October till first quadrant of 2021, the first position kept occupied by Apple.

In this time period they had to face two main challenges. These two challenges included the holiday sales that went up and caused a fall of 23% to the company’s shipment. A 40.4M shipment was recorded in first quadrant compared to the 52.2M shipment recorded in last quadrant of 2020.

Another common challenge that caused a difference was the Android device challenge. Since 5G is a new thing and to keep their users updated, other Smartphone manufacturing companies also brought this in. And while Apple saw a dip in its shipment, the other side saw a rise.

The market intelligence firm stated that Samsung did a great job as well with its 5G supported devices especially with the S21 series with Ultra 5G and 5G supported devices. They even agreed that for 2021, Samsung showed the fastest growth globally for offering 5G services. Second to Samsung, Vivo secured its place on the list. With a 62% rise as compared to the 79% jump of Samsung. OPPO and Xiaomi secured the third and 4th spot for being the fastest growing 5G provider as they both showed a 55% rise and a 41% rise respectively.

Yet still after receiving such a hard competition including a 23% fall, the tech giant remained at number 1. This is due to the 5G service they had introduced months before other Smartphone manufacturers and set the bar too high for other companies.

Photo: Mike Segar / reuters

H/T: Strategyanalytics.

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