Instagram has now started rolling out advertising on Reels globally

In this technological Era, humans all around us are captive to their technological devices, social platforms and the ease that technology and social platforms provide. Like any other thing that adds value social platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. do have a price, well not actually a price but instead social platforms make you watch advertisements thus making you generate revenue for them. Nowadays every other social platform has a whole lot of advertisements and as the use of technology increases so will the number of advertisements on these platforms.

The social giant Facebook is the company that generates the largest revenue out of all from the ads that run on their famous platforms like Instagram, Messenger etc.

If you are an Instagram user and have been using it for quite some time, you might know that the platform previously only had paid posts as a form of advertisements, later stories came and we saw paid stories coming up after every few stories that we watched, further increasing the advertising revenue for the platform.

However now Instagram is also rolling out advertisements in its relatively newer feature called 'Reels'. If you are someone that does not know what reels is, it is a feature that Instagram introduced after the tremendous success of TikTok, the Reels feature has a similar user interface as TikTok and has entertaining video clips which are short in length. Reels has proven to be really profitable for the platform since the feature challenges the company's biggest competitor.

Advertisements on Instagram Reels will be unlike the ones we see on Facebook or YouTube as they would not be placed at the start or the end of your videos instead users will be able to see advertisements after every few Reels that they watch. The advertisements on Reels will be unskippable and can be as long as 30 seconds.

Instagram is still testing out its Reels in specific countries like India, Germany etc. and has still not made the feature available in many countries but as soon as Reels starts to make some good advertising revenue for the company, users all over the world will probably be able to use Reels.

Advertisers, specifically small businesses, will love to advertise on Reels, since Reels is one addictive feature and the ad engagement of Reels will probably be very strong thus resulting in more sales.

Facebook understands that the online advertising has massively increased over the past few years and that online advertising is the future, which is why the company has been developing new and improved ways for it.

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