The Neighborhood feature of the Facebook is seeing crowded target marketing, but it is also facing the problems of many profiling issues

Facebook introduced the Neighborhood feature for the first time in the Canadian market during the last quarter of the prior year. The main aim of launching this feature was to connect people with their neighbors especially during the pandemic situation when people were more interested in getting the info of their neighbors and that will help in sharing common interests, suggestions of doing business, food ingredients, can help each other in finding the missing pets, can know their likings and disliking, and most importantly, this feature will really help in increasing the advertisement income of the platform because it can target the local users by getting the data of the activities of users in the local community. The company already made a huge amount of around $84.2 billion revenue from ad businesses just by aiming at the local users.

Now the company is bringing this feature to 4 different cities of America including Baton Rouge, Charlotte, San Diego, and Newark. The company is already playing catch-up in the fiercely competitive market for native social applications. The community website named “NextDoor” came out as a major competitor in the market accompanied by the feature of Amazon Company named Ring’s Neighbor and one more app, they saw a massive increase of 50% in daily users during the quarantine situation when people were sticking to houses.

Facebook knows that people are interested to introduce themselves to their neighbors and they would also like to work as a helper in the community or social worker, and their account info inhabits a directory that even recognizes local missing animals like cats or dogs by their nicknames. However, the trouble for the platform is that it is facing the issues of its content moderation, false information, racial describing, and other security problems. The Group option of the platform is already used by about 2 billion users from all over the world, but researchers think that this was the source of misinformation and vicious provocation ahead of the USA Capitol insurrection.

The expert team of the Facebook platform is trying its best to provide a safer environment for all users and the company fully knows that people mostly depend on the moderators on the platform, therefore; the company has decided to provide more training and expertise to moderators especially on some sensitive matters. The platform will make the rule that all users must be above 18 years of age and the platform will not bear the monotonous breach. People are still taking more interest in the Neighborhood feature and they are sharing different pictures and posts with their neighbors and some users are also alerting each other of different crime cases. Experts say that the platform has not introduced an option yet from which users can connect with law enforcement just like they do on NextDoor.

The community procedures of Facebook's Neighborhood feature guide its users to be polite with others but experts say that this is not enough in controlling some big issues like spreading false information. The Facebook platform will face more competition in the near future because it’s rival NextDoor is already getting large traffic of 276,000 neighborhoods across the world and can get even more than this.

Photo: Nikolas Kokovlis/NurPhoto via Getty Images
H/T: Reuters.

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