Instagram is expected to introduce Visual Search feature to make online shopping easier, thus expands its eCommerce footprints

Instagram is amongst the biggest social platforms when it comes to monthly users, this makes the tech giant work hard towards introducing new and unique features to make its user experience better. Ever since a long time Facebook and Instagram both have been working hard to bring ecommerce activity to their platform. You might ask why?

Well, with increasing activity in the digital world the eCommerce market has largely increased, which means that there is a lot of money to be made thus the reason behind Facebook’s and Instagram’s interest in the ecommerce world. Facebook and Instagram want different businesses and sellers to use their platform as a store, which is why Facebook released a feature called ‘Facebook Shops’ where businesses can easily create their online store at Facebook without any charges. Apart from the Facebook shops, Facebook also created another feature for Instagram called ‘Instagram Checkout’. Both these features allow customers to view and buy products easily and make the payment through the apps.

You might wonder how does all this benefits the tech giant Facebook, well with increased ecommerce activity Facebook will be able to increase the number of advertisements posted on both the platforms thus generating a lot of advertising revenue for the company. Apart from the increased advertising revenue, the increased ecommerce activity on the platforms will generate a lot of sales commission for the company. Increased ecommerce activities on both the platforms can make Facebook a whole lot of revenue and can make it the most valuable company.

Since Facebook is getting a whole lot of benefits by increasing ecommerce on its platforms, the company is working towards it and has been able to achieve good results by developing tools and features that help support the growth of ecommerce on the platform. With features such as Facebook Shops and Instagram Checkout the company was able to cause massive impacts in the ecommerce world. Facebook is reportedly developing the feature that will increase the ecommerce activity on its platforms by a large percentage.

As per the renowned app reverse engineering expert Alessandro Paluzzi, the company is working on a feature called visual search, for people that don’t know "Visual search", it is a tool that help people find different products by using a photo, screenshot, or a downloaded image. With the release of the visual search option, viewers when not able to find a product by usual search means, will be able to use a photo or screenshot of that product to find it on the platform.

Users when coming across a product while scrolling down their Instagram feed will be able to click on a visual search option located within the post actions box. When clicked the visual search option will search products similar to the ones in the post and will give the user a long list. This will make it easier for the user to compare product benefits and prices making the overall buying experience a whole lot easier and simple.

Visual search surely is the future and many companies and businesses have already started using it. Once Instagram releases the visual search option, a whole lot of people will choose Instagram as their new favorite place to shop thus ecommerce activity on the platform will increase.

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