YouTube Survey Reveals What Is the Most Used Opening Line by Majority of the Creators On the Platform

All the YouTubers that create content on their YouTube channel have an opening line. A word or sentence which they use in the beginning of the video every single time in every single video. This actually makes sense because when a creator has established his own unique starting sentence or catch phrase it makes it easier for them to decide on how to start the video because once you begin talking in the video the rest automatically flows through. Secondly it also serves as a recognition of the channel and its owner and serves as a branding purpose for it as viewers get more accustomed to the common elements of each channel and once the channel gains popularity, it becomes a signature line of the creator and a catchphrase everybody recognizes.

But do you know that all YouTubers, okay not all, but a majority of them begin their videos the same way.

YouTube conducted a survey to reveal the most used opening lines in YouTube videos and it was based on a sample set of over a million clips from some of its most popular platform stars and the survey report revealed what was the most used starting line by majority of the YouTuber’s and you will not believe what it is.

The most used catch phrase according to YouTube report is “Hey Guys”.

In the overall survey it was released that the term “Hey Guys” showed the usage rate of over 36% from the videos in the study pool, making it the most popular opening line by far.

While this was the most used term in the overall general survey, it was not the only term as various other terms were also collected which were used by majority of YouTuber’s in the beginning of their videos as well as the survey showed how the usage of those terms have changed over time.

Though YouTube does think that there may be some gender considerations within the use of 'guys' in this context, but it is still the most used term and people are okay with it.

However, this term was the most used term overall on YouTube, this was not the case when the tech giant broke videos down into respective categories and found that other phrases were also dominant on their own video categories. Like Fitness channels, for example, favor “What’s up” while travel channels opt for “Good morning”. Each for their own reason.
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