Instagram is Working On Diminishing the Use of Feed Posts Being Reshared to Stories as Well as Adding a New Option On Its Web Version

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms currently existing in the social media world as it has a massive user base. The social giant realizes that it has a large audience and therefore makes sure that it always likes up to the users’ expectations and considers what the public likes and does not like on their applications, as well as introduce new and unique features on their platform.

The tech giant has been aware of the issue which not all but a part of its users’ had that annoyed them on the platform. This was when people posted a picture on their feed and then made sure that they repost it on their story as well. While it may not seem like a very big issue to some, but many people said that it is annoying when they have to look at the same thing on the feed and the stories as well, and it diminishes the actual purpose of the story feature.

Apart from the public it looks like Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri is also tired of this feature because in his weekly Friday Q/A feature answered to a question asking what one feature would he want to get rid of on which he said that he would remove resharing of feed posts to stories if he is given an option to remove on feature off Instagram.

The tech giant has though taken steps to stop people from sharing feed posts to stories by conducting small tests. The start of the testing this began in January where Instagram banned some users from sharing feed posts to stories and that testing was met by mixed responses from users. However, in March the tech giant showed a soft hand with another new test in March, which saw the addition of labels on Stories posts that had been re-posted from a users' main feed. This means that whichever user reposted from their feed or reels on their stories a small label will appear on the top on the story on which it will be stated “Reshared Post”.

But now Instagram has tested another feature for this matter which makes us think that the social network is still looking for the best solution. Alessandro Paluzzi spotted a “Reshare” sticker in the sticker options earlier last month but we had no confirm idea as to what it actual purpose was.

Turns out this new feature is for testing out if it’s the best solution to this resharing problem. Though news is that Instagram has been working on this feature for weeks but how your feed post would then subsequently be displayed within your Story is not clear, but the process will essentially aim to make it clearer that it is a re-shared feed post, as opposed to an original Story.

The tech giant believes that this wat people will be more inclined towards not sharing their posts on stories. Let us see that will this turn out to be in favor of Instagram and the public.

Another feature that Instagram is introducing is already present on the mobile version of the app but is being launched for the desktop version. We all know Instagram does not allow a lot of options to be made available on desktop versions and are strictly restricted to mobile apps.

One of these options is changing your Instagram account category. Previously users could only choose what sort of account were they handling, was it a business account, a professional one or a public one and the categories could be changes from the mobile app only, but not now Instagram is allowing this option on the web versions as well.
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