By using YouTube’s built-in gestures, you can easily swipe the video to the full screen, as this feature was much needed by users

YouTube is the largest online video platform and the second largest search giant after Google in the world as it has around 2 billion active monthly users. Almost every 6 out of 10 people prefer to watch videos on YouTube than watching live TV, this gives this platform a huge popularity. This platform has gained more users especially during the quarantine situation and many youngsters have made this platform as their career by creating and posting videos. This is bringing some exciting features for the users so that they can watch videos more comfortably and excitingly.

Well, most of the mobile users put the phone on portrait lock because they do not use the phone every time in a portrait way except just watching videos. However, when a user is watching a video on YouTube, they become irritated to unlock the portrait lock to watch the video in full screen with the little button within the UI. Thanks to a recent YouTube gesture that will surely make it easy for the users to watch the video in full screen even when their phone is on portrait lock, although the feature was introduced in October 2020 a lot of users still don't know about this shortcut magic, as most of YouTubers are still depending on the old full/small screen icon to enlarge or exit the full screen mode on mobile devices.

For utilizing this amazing gesture of YouTube, just swipe up the video that you are watching to refill the display and swipe down on it to go back to the portrait orientation. This is the built-in gesture but unfortunately, this can be easily missed. Especially, for those in homes who do not know even any tips or tricks, maybe they do not even know that such type of gesture does really exist. This feature also works more perfectly on Android devices than having to tap the auto-rotate button into the iOS devices, but people have their own choices of using this gesture.

But the is one apparent restriction with this gesture that it merely rotates in one way and if you are used to keeping your phone on the left side facing up, you may still be unlucky to have this built-in gesture unless you change the portrait lock to off. Still, this is the easiest and a good way to click on the video once to get the UI option to roll up than trying to smash the little full screen button. Now every user would like to have this gesture on every other app as well.

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